About the NBA Live Domain

The NBA Live Domain was an NBA Live fan site created by Andrew in 1998, and hosted on GeoCities (later Yahoo! GeoCities).¬†Founded with the not-so-original title of “Andrew’s NBA Live Site”, it was essentially just a couple of pages about NBA Live 95 and NBA Live 96. In 1999, it became a “proper” website, and was accordingly retitled the NBA Live Domain (or NLD for short).

Taking inspiration from the NBA Live Series Center (NLSC), the NBA Live Domain expanded to cover the entire NBA Live series, benefiting from an affiliation with NBA Live Stuff, promotion from the NLSC, and some community contributions to flesh out its content.

In August 2001, Andrew accepted an offer to take over running the NLSC, after co-founder Tim joined the NBA Live development team at EA Sports, and co-founders Lutz and Brien indicated a desire to reduce their roles with the site. Andrew continued to maintain the NLD alongside the NLSC, sharing content between the two sites, while transitioning the NLD into more of an “Editor’s Choice” hub.

Wanting to focus more time and energy on the NLSC, and finding that the crossover content was simply overkill, Andrew made the tough decision to discontinue the site in December of 2001. The final regular update, a farewell notice, was posted on December 29th, 2001. The site made a brief comeback in February 2002, to address an unfortunate situation in which a member of the community took the site’s assets and created a copycat site, claiming to be an official continuation of the NBA Live Domain, an issue that was ultimately resolved reasonably quickly.

And now, the NBA Live Domain is back, as a subsite of the NLSC (which of course now covers NBA 2K, NBA Jam, and basketball gaming in general, in addition to NBA Live). What does the future hold for the NLD? Is it simply here as a museum piece, a slightly spruced-up version of an old fan site to show everyone what the NBA Live community was like back in the day? Or might we see some new content, as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of NBA Live? Stay tuned to the NLSC…and the NLD…to find out!