Even More Memories of the NBA Live Domain

Wayback Wednesday? That’s what’s replacing the Midweek Patch Report now?

Yes indeed, Wayback Wednesday is the midweek feature I’m currently running on the NLSC. And since we’re picking up our 20th Anniversary of NBA Live celebrations once again, it seems only fair that I use the feature to talk a little about my old site, the NBA Live Domain. This one. The one that’s been resurrected…kind of.

I decided that my previous reflections post wasn’t quite enough, so I’m offering up some more memories in this week’s edition of Wayback Wednesday. There’s a bit of overlap with the post I made here, but hopefully you’ll enjoy some of the additional anecdotes and recollections. If you’re a veteran from the old days, take a walk down memory lane! If you’re newer to the community, find out a little about how things used to be.


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