Looking Back: Midweek Patch Report

Webmaster News wasn’t my only regular column on the NBA Live Domain. Every week, I published the Midweek Patch Report; you can probably guess when that came out, and what it was about.

The Midweek Patch Report was probably a little more interesting to visitors than Webmaster News. Every Wednesday, I’d use the feature to talk about the patches that I was working on, and when I expected to release them. Over time, I’d also use it to talk about other noteworthy patching developments and releases around the community.

Once again, there was no comments section on those articles back in the day – no content management system, just new HTML files that I’d manually upload – so I didn’t get a whole lot of feedback on them, week to week. However, I do remember that a few people seemed to find them useful and informative, and I found it fun to keep everyone posted on what I was working on.

Like Webmaster News, the Midweek Patch Report also appeared on the NLSC, while I was running it alongside the NLD, and basically ended when I closed the NLD. I have actually thought about bringing it back on the NLSC from time to time, but these days, there are other avenues of announcing, previewing, and discussing patching developments. With the Podcast, and of course the NLSC’s YouTube channel – not to mention bulletins and the Forum – the Midweek Patch Report would probably be overkill. It’s better suited to being a segment in another feature, such as the Podcast, but in that sense, the concept does live on in some form.

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