Looking Back: Webmaster News

Long before The Friday Five, I had another column that I penned every Friday: Webmaster News.

If I’m to be totally honest, it probably wasn’t nearly as interesting as the Five to most visitors. Of course, this was long before I was using any kind of content management system, so there was no comments section and thus not a whole lot of feedback on it. Perhaps some people really enjoyed it! But given the subject matter, I’d say that most people probably prefer reading about basketball video games and the real NBA.

In Webmaster News, I mostly talked about future and on-going projects at the NBA Live Domain. Occasionally, I’d sprinkle in some other opinions and commentary. It was one of my first attempts at branching out into some original content, beyond patches and daily news. I’d like to think I’m a bit better at that now!

Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that my desire to provide visitors with something to read as the weekend approaches is nothing new. I did actually start publishing the column on the NLSC after I took over from Tim, but when I closed the NLD, that basically put an end to the feature.┬áThere’s not really a call for a Webmaster News type of column on the NLSC these days – beyond announcements on the main page and in the Forum, I have the Podcast and other features – but it was something I enjoyed doing back in the NLD days. These days, features like The Friday Five suit me just fine.

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