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BIG Moments is a game mode introduced in NBA Live 14, which allows gamers to replay significant moments and memorable performances from the current season, with new content being delivered all season long. These moments include game-winning shots, scoring feats (eg. eight points in the last two minutes, seven three-pointers in a quarter, and so on), and other statistical marks, sometimes with the added stipulation that the game must be won.

NBA Live 15 saw the addition of new features such as BIG Moments in which the user must make shots from the same spot on the floor as a player did in real life, and challenges where the goal is to rewrite history and change the outcome of a game. These features carried over into NBA Live 16.

Upon successfully completing a BIG Moments challenge, users are awarded a score based on their performance, which is compared to other users' scores for the challenge, and contributes to their overall total on the leaderboards. Since the introduction of BIG Moments, PlayStation Trophies and Xbox Live Achievements have generally been awarded for topping a friend's score, or completing a challenge within 24 hours of it being posted.

NBA Live 14 received a retro BIG Moments challenge in the form of a game in which Magic Johnson registered a triple-double against the Phoenix Suns. The challenge did not include complete and accurate retro rosters however, instead merely placing Magic (available in the game as one of the Legends in Ultimate Team) on the current Los Angeles Lakers squad, in a game against the current Suns' roster.