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Become Legendary was a game mode intended to debut in NBA Elite 11 before its cancellation. Unlike Be a Pro in NBA Live 09, it was going to be a fully fledged single player career mode, similar to MyCAREER in the NBA 2K series. The mode took its name from the Jordan Brand slogan of "Become Legendary", and would have heavily incorporated the Jordan Brand in its features, including participation in the Jordan Draft Showcase.


In Become Legendary, users would have created a player and participated in the Jordan Draft Showcase, in an attempt to get drafted by an NBA team and begin an NBA career. During the course of a career, players would be able to leave their "Fingerprints" on the game by achieving statistical milestones, gain experience points to progress through 23 levels, and complete set objectives. The mode would have also challenged the player to match some of Michael Jordan's most notable career milestones.

With the cancellation of NBA Elite 11, the eventual reboot of the NBA Live series with NBA Live 14 would see the debut of a different single player career mode, Rising Star.