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Custom Teams are a feature of the NBA Live series that appeared from NBA Live 95 to NBA Live 2000 in two different forms. It is also a term used to describe teams that are added to the game through DBF editing in games following NBA Live 2000 in lieu of a proper custom team function.

Custom All-star Teams in NBA Playoff games[edit]

Bulls Vs Blazers featured two custom All-star teams (East and West), which had rosters which could be selected from any player in the starting line-up of another team.

Custom Teams in NBA Live 95-97[edit]

The first three games in the NBA Live series offered the user four custom teams with empty rosters that could be filled with the players of their choice: the Slammers, Jammers, Blockers and Stealers. Each team had its own colours and generic basketball themed logos and artwork. While the only customisable aspect of the teams were their rosters, they still provided players with an opportunity to assemble super teams without editing the NBA team rosters. Custom teams were for Exhibition play only.

Custom Teams in NBA Live 98-2000[edit]

Beginning with NBA Live 98, the four generic custom teams were dropped in favour of allowing the user to create their own custom team with the nickname and location of their choice, while designing custom jerseys by picking colours from a palette. There was also a selection of logos that could be selected, though some designs did not lend themselves to a wide variety of custom team names. Nevertheless, the feature was popular and also handy in patching since teams could be created within the game and their rosters filled, with further adjustments being made externally by editing the DBF and art files.

Custom Teams in Patching[edit]

In the absence of a proper Custom Teams feature, the only way to add new teams to the game from NBA Live 2001 onwards is to edit the databases and create new entries for the teams that are being added. Custom teams may utilise existing team art or custom artwork that has been created for them. The default teams may also be customised and essentially replaced, though the term "custom teams" generally refers to new teams that have been added to the database.