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The following is a list of frequently asked questions about downloading from and uploading to our Downloads section, as well as some general questions about downloaded files. If you would like to ask a question to be added to this list, please use the Discussion page.


How do you download files in the NLSC's Downloads database?

Left-click the black and blue Download button underneath the file description and information box. Note that you may have to scroll down if the uploader has entered a lengthy description.

I've found a broken link, what should I do?

Underneath the file description and information box, you will see a link to report a broken link. Please note that you must be registered and logged in to see and use this function.

Do I have to pay to download files?

All of the files that are available can be downloaded free of charge. Certain utilities such as REDitor II for the NBA 2K series feature premium versions that do cost money, however a free version with basic functionality is still available. In general, most downloads are completely free and 100% functional.

By law, we cannot charge money for patches (eg custom roster files, face textures, etc). Some patchers choose to use a virtual "tip jar" for anyone who feels inclined to donate a small amount of money as a token of thanks, however it is against the rules and spirit of the community to demand money for patches or force users to donate before they can download a file (essentially charging for the work).

Why can't we charge money for mods?

Because legally, we can't. It would be profiting off likenesses and intellectual property that we do not own.

Beyond the legal issues, however, it simply isn't the "done thing" in our community. Not everyone has a lot of disposable income, and for over twenty years, our modding community has dedicated itself to the goal of creating great updates for NBA Live and NBA 2K, and making them freely available to everyone. Charging for mods would get very messy, and we don't want the headaches. More importantly, we don't want the potential legal issues, so we're not budging on this policy.

I have feedback/I need help with a download. Who should I send it to?

Find out who is responsible for the download, and send an email to them. Not every file listed in the NLSC's database was created by a member of the NLSC Team. Please do not get in touch with us regarding a file we are not responsible for; instead, please contact the person who made it.

I'm a patchmaker, is it possible to join the NLSC patchmaking team?

We do add new members to the team from time to time. If you would like to apply, please feel free to contact us via the Forum or this form. Please note that even if your application to join the team is unsuccessful, you may still make use of our hosting facilities.

I have made a patch. Can you host it?

Yes, our Downloads section includes upload facilities. As long as you have an NLSC Forum account, you can upload files up to 100 MB in size along with preview images, links to a release thread and other relevant information. You can then maintain the database entry if you wish to add more information or update it with a new file release.

I have made a patch, it's hosted elsewhere. Can it be added the database?

Yes, when adding files to our Downloads section, you can specify an external link. Please note that we do encourage you to upload files to our server however, especially as an alternative to using services such as Mediafire and Sendspace, where files are subject to removal after a period of inactivity.

How do I add files to the Downloads section?

This video tutorial will demonstrate how to use our upload form:

Are there any guidelines for uploading files?

Here are the basic guidelines for contributing your work to our Downloads section:

  1. When adding a new version of an existing file, please edit the previous upload.
  2. The maximum upload size is 100 MB. For larger files, please contact us or use the external link option.
  3. You only need to specify a file size if you are linking to an external file.
  4. Please don't overuse BBCode formatting and smilies in your file descriptions. Please also try to keep file descriptions to an acceptable length.
  5. If you are not the author of a file, make sure you have permission to upload it. No stolen work!
  6. All uploads must comply with the posted Forum rules.

Can you upload/add a file for me?

We would prefer if everyone adds their own files to the Database. This is to clear up any confusion as to who made the patch, and will allow you to maintain your file listing as needed.

If you're having difficulty uploading a file to our server, try uploading it to a free file sharing service such as Mediafire, then add the file as an external link and let us know about the upload problem. We'll try to sort it out as soon as possible. This is also the preferred procedure if your file is slightly bigger than the 100 MB limit, and you'd like us to arrange a mirror.

Can you send me a patch via email?

Generally speaking, we cannot accommodate this request. Files are uploaded to our Downloads section for easy access and in many cases, are too large to send via email. Sending a particular patch via email is at the discretion of the individual who made it but in most cases, you will be directed to download the file from the Internet.

Can I request a patch be made?

You certainly can make requests in our Forum, but please understand that patchmakers are working on a voluntary basis and may not always have the time to fulfil a request. Not every patchmaker accepts requests and not all requests can be granted, so please don't take it personally.

Can I announce/promote my patch on the NLSC?

Yes, we invite you to release your work in the Forum and of course, make use of our upload facilities.

When I try to open a file I downloaded, I get an error message saying that the file is not a valid archive. What could be the problem and how can I fix it?

This usually means that the file was not correctly downloaded to your PC. Try downloading the file again; you may need to clear your browser's cache first.

Some large files are distributed in parts and as such, require all parts to be present before the archive can be extracted. Other archives may need to be rejoined by using third party programs such as HJSplit. Usually the person who created the file will provide this information upon release.

After I've downloaded a patch, what do I do next?

Files are usually distributed as archive files (eg .zip, .rar, .7z, etc). You will need to use third party software to open these archives, such as:

The files inside the archive usually need to be placed in a specific folder; please consult any included readme files, or the various tutorials here in the Wiki as well as the NLSC Forum. You may also contact the author if you require further assistance.

Some files may be distributed with an installation .exe file which will automatically install everything to the appropriate folder. In that case, all you need to do is run the .exe file.

Will a patch for one game work with another?

It depends on the file. A lot of art files for NBA Live 2005 through NBA Live 08 are compatible and can be used in another game without any further manipulation. However, some art files are compatible and won't crash the game, but won't be displayed properly. Generally speaking, roster files are not interchangeable, due to differences in the database files.

Some art files and other assets for the PC versions of NBA 2K are also interchangeable, however they are not universally compatible. Roster files can only be used with the game they were created for.

With both NBA Live and NBA 2K, it is quite often (but not always) possible to extract raw textures originally created for one game and import them into files for use with another game. For more information, please consult the tutorials and compatibility lists in the NLSC Forum.

Will these downloads work with the console verions?

Any files created specifically for the PC version will not work with the console versions. Likewise, files created for the console versions are not compatible with the PC version, or cross-platform.

We do have some files available for console versions of NBA Live and NBA 2K, however these are far less common due to limitations on what can be modified for the console versions and how these files can be easily distributed.

How do I become a Contributor in the NLSC Forum?

Contributors are members of the Forum who have been around for a while, and made frequent contributions in the form of uploads, tutorials, and other resources. They have also proven themselves to be helpful, enthusiastic, and friendly members of our community.

The basic requirements for the Contributors group are as follows:

  • Been a part of the NLSC community for at least a year.
  • Actively contributed to the community within the past six months.
  • Uploaded/added your releases to the NLSC Downloads database.
  • Genuine intentions to keep making contributions for the foreseeable future.
  • Been a good Forum citizen, setting a good example for other members.

More information can be found here.

Whose files are posted in File Additions bulletins on the front page?

File Additions bulletins are compromised of the most recent uploads for a given game in our Downloads section. They include the work of various members of the community, as well as NLSC staff members. NLSC staff members may also choose to post separate bulletins for larger releases, and other big projects in the community may also be spotlighted with their own news posts.

The names of the people who released the work, as well as a direct link to the download page, are included in each bulletin. File Additions bulletins only include work that has been added to the Downloads section.

I uploaded/added a new file, but it hasn't been posted on the main page yet. When will it be posted?

Whenever possible, we prefer to ensure that there's more than one new file addition per bulletin. As such, a bulletin may be held back until a couple more uploads for the same game come through. In some cases, posting a lone file addition is unavoidable, and thus a File Additions bulletin will only feature one new release.

We also try to space out content that isn't breaking news, in order to maximise its visibility. During the preview season for NBA Live and NBA 2K, a File Additions bulletin may be held back a few hours to a day, in order to not get lost among the other news posts.

How are the releases ordered in File Additions bulletins?

Files are listed by author, in the order that they were added to the database. Releases by NLSC staff members are always listed at the top however, and updated files are listed after brand new releases.