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Dynamic DNA is an element of player logic introduced in NBA Live 09. It is intended to enhance the realism of player and team offensive performance in NBA Live, with each player utilising a "DNA strand" containing a breakdown of how they play on offense. DNA is updated daily throughout the season through the NBA Live 365 service but can also be manually edited by the user.

Player DNA took on a larger role in NBA Live 10 as it replaces the traditional use of ratings to determine a player's offensive abilities. The use of Synergy Sports' data in this manner is intended to bring more authenticity to the game and eliminate the arbitrary nature of ratings that was often present in previous NBA Live releases.

Player DNA[edit]

All players have a strand of DNA which contains a breakdown of what they do for their team on offense. This DNA is divided into seven categories:

  • Isolation
  • Pick and Roll Hhandler
  • Pick and Roll Man, Cuts
  • Off-Ball Screens
  • Spot Up
  • Post Up

Each category makes up a percentage of a player's DNA (adding up to 100%) and determines how frequently they utilise each offensive strategy. This data is based off actual NBA statistics compiled by Synergy Sports and is updated daily as part of the NBA Live 365 feature. The DNA for each individual player is factored into the overall Team DNA data. Users can also edit Player DNA manually as desired.

DNA Tendencies[edit]

In addition to a breakdown of a player's preferred offensive strategy, each player has a tendency chart which determines a player's most likely action when they receive the ball in a certain area of the floor, such as going left or right or pulling up for a jumpshot. This does not necessarily represent a player's most successful tendencies but indicates what they are most likely to do on the court, providing deeper logic for the CPU and a guide for the human user. It may be used as a tool on offense to find out how players prefer to play in certain positions or as a tool on defense to anticipate what a player is likely to do.

Tendencies are broken down into the following categories:

  • Left Post Tendency
  • Right Post Tendency
  • Left Perimeter Tendency
  • Right Perimeter Tendency
  • Middle Perimeter Tendency

Within each category, tendencies are broken down into the following behaviour:

  • Turn Left (Post)
  • Turn Right (Post)
  • Faceup (Post)
  • Go Left (Perimeter)
  • Go Right (Perimeter)
  • Shoot (Perimeter)

Team DNA[edit]

Individual player data is compiled to calculate overall Team DNA, which contributes to a team's offensive identity and represents their style of play. This data can again be put to use offensively or defensively as Team DNA provides a snapshot of a team plays, providing a guide on the plays to run or the plays to defend against.

NBA Live 10[edit]

Dynamic DNA returned in NBA Live 10, playing a larger role in player performance and replacing several shooting ratings.