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Dynasty Extras are a feature of Dynasty Mode in NBA Live 2004 and NBA Live 2005 that granted users special bonuses when purchased with Dynasty Points, a currency earned by completing specificed in-game tasks. These bonuses usually allowed a user to boost their players' attributes for a certain number of games (or the entire season, if they could afford it). Extras included team doctors, additional trainers and coaches as well as a new lockerroom and a team plane. When purchased, a cutscene would be shown featuring the team's coach in his office, signing a cheque at his desk. Dynasty Extras were ultimately phased out in favour of the more realistic approach of hiring a team staff beginning with NBA Live 06.


While Dynasty Extras attempted to bring more depth and realism to the newly rebranded Dynasty Mode, many felt that they didn't quite create the right atmosphere and that they were too difficult to obtain particularly when simulating, since sufficient Dynasty Points could not always be earned game-to-game. The most generous rewards also tended to be attached to the most impressive statistical achievements which did not benefit players who preferred a more realistic style of play, nor players who preferred shorter quarter lengths. These problems would be rectified with the similar but more realistic approach of hiring a team staff to help develop the team.

NBA Live 09[edit]

The Xbox 360/Playstation 3 version of NBA Live 09 uses a similar system to enhance the staff that the user hires at the beginning of Dynasty Mode. By achieving certain goals set forth by the team's direction (ie competing for a championship, aiming to make the Playoffs, rebuilding), the user is rewarded with points that can be used to upgrade their team's staff.