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EA Sports' Logo

EA Sports (often stylised as EA SPORTS and sometimes referred to as simply EA) is a brand used by Electronic Arts (EA) to distribute their sports titles, including NBA Live. EA Sports has studios in Burnaby, British Columbia (EA Canada) and Orlando, Florida (EA Tiburon). Their motto was originally "If it's in the game, it's in the game", later abbreviated to "It's in the game" and can be heard during the intros for EA Sports titles and is often featured in promotional material. The motto is often recalled by gamers, both in excitement in praising the series, and derisively when criticising an EA Sports title.

As with several other game developers, EA Sports has become more active in fan communities over the years with producers posting on message boards and granting interviews to fansites, as well as holding Community Events to garner fan feedback and provide information about upcoming releases. Their chief rival in developing sports video games is 2K Sports.


The following is a partial list of games series developed and published by EA Sports.

  • NBA Live series
  • Madden NFL series
  • NHL series
  • NCAA Football series
  • NCAA Basketball series (previously titled March Madness)
  • FIFA series
  • MVP Baseball series (preceeded by the Triple Play series)
  • PGA Tour series
  • NASCAR series
  • Fight Night series

EA Sports BIG[edit]

The EA Sports BIG label focuses on developing sports games with a focus on more unrealistic, arcade-style gameplay. Some of the titles released by EA Sports BIG include:

  • NBA Street series
  • FIFA Street series
  • Def Jam Vendetta
  • NFL Street
  • SSX series