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Edit Player

Edit Player was introduced in NBA Live 98 as a companion to Create-a-Player, allowing users to modify certain aspects of original players such as positions, jersey numbers, ratings, shoes, and accessories. It is more restrictive than Create-a-Player in that it will not allow the user to edit certain attributes such as a player's strong hand, height or weight; such changes must instead by made through DBF Editing. Certain games have also restricted access to player accessories, usually because of issues regarding model and texture files. Some players may also be locked to a specific shoe brand.

There have been few changes to Edit Player since it was first implemeted, most of which have been the result of the ratings and other attributes being removed, added or made hidden. Beginning with NBA Live 2001 Edit Player was made accessible in Season and Dynasty Mode, giving the user freedom to change jersey numbers and player positions to suit their needs.

Editing Players in Early Console Releases[edit]

In the versions of NBA Live released for Nintendo 64 and the original PlayStation, the Edit Player function was far more restricted. Although original players could be edited, choosing to do so automatically created an editable version of them, which also used a created player slot. This meant that users had to decide between making modifications to an existing player, or keeping the limited number of slots available for custom players.

This restriction was not present in any of the PC versions of NBA Live, nor in any console release beginning with the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions.