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Face in the Game in the PC version of NBA Live 2000
Face in the Game was a feature of Create a Player in the PC versions of NBA Live 2000 and NBA Live 2001 which allowed users to create their own cyberface from a suitable photo for use with a custom player. On-screen instructions prompted players to position markers around facial features so that the game could properly capture them when creating the custom face.


Although it has only been featured in two games to date, Face in the Game was a popular feature with some fans and has been included in subsequent Wishlists. However, to work properly it required a fair amount of precision when placing the markers with the results being quite comical if not done properly. This precision required some patience and some users have criticised Face in the Game in the past as being too difficult to use. As a means of adding missing or custom players to the game, it has not proven to be as popular as cyberface patching, particularly due to its limited appearance in the series.