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The Three Point Showdown

With the return of the Three Point Shootout and the addition of the Slam Dunk Contest, two additional modes were added under the banner of Freestyle Challenge: the Slam Dunk Showdown and Three Point Showdown. These modes offer a single round, split screen contest between two human players or one human player against the CPU.

The Three Point Showdown is simply a single round of the Three Point Shootout between two players. The Slam Dunk Showdown features one untimed single round where two competing players must perform as many dunks as possible to earn a target score. Points are awarded for successful dunks with more complex dunks earning a higher score. As in the regular dunk contest, successful dunks that are perfectly timed will earn a higher score than dunks that are successful but thrown down too early or too late. Points are deducted for missed dunks, missed alley-oops or dunks that are repeated.