Frequency Vibrations

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Frequency Vibrations
Freq sporting an MJ jersey.
Full Name User Defined
Role Player Character
Age 19
Height User Defined
Weight User Defined
College User Defined
Position User Defined
Number User Defined
Family/Friends Mrs. Martha
Mr. Pete
Vic Van Lier
Yvette Ming Ching
Dom Pagnotti
Actor Sarunas J. Jackson
Games NBA 2K16

Frequency Vibrations (often shortened to Freq) is the player character in NBA 2K16's MyCAREER mode. A star high school player with dreams of making the NBA, he is the protagonist of Spike Lee's "Livin' Da Dream".

Background & Biography[edit]

Freq's full name, appearance, position, playing style, and choice of high school and college are ultimately left up to the user. The only established elements of Freq's backstory are that he is from Harlem, has a twin sister named Cee-Cee, and a long-time friend, Vic Van Lier. His parents are Mr. Pete and Mrs. Martha. As per his family's appearance and background, Freq is intended to be African American, however users are free to choose a different ethnicity upon creating their MyPLAYER.

His nickname, "Frequency Vibrations", is derived from the way he would dance as a child. Considered one of the next great players destined for the NBA, Freq is characterised as confident in his abilities, loyal to his friends and family, and occasionally stubborn and naive. He shares a close bond with his sister Cee-Cee, as she becomes his manager upon making the NBA.

At some point in his past, Freq was involved in an altercation that resulted in the death (or serious injury) of another other young man. Vic helped cover up the incident, which later becomes a point of contention between the two.

High School & College Career[edit]

"Livin' Da Dream" features three high school games in Freq's career, playing for the school of the user's choice. Users can also select Freq's college and play four games, including the championship game. These games are used to improve Freq's stock in the Draft, with stronger performances improving his chances of being taken with a higher pick.

Taking the advice of his agent, Dom Pagnotti, Freq elects to go pro after his freshman season. His parents are sceptical but supportive, and he ends up being drafted.

NBA Career[edit]

Users can only play eight regular season games in Freq's first year, and one Playoff game if his team qualifies for the postseason. Most of his rookie campaign deals with the off-court story involving his childhood friend, Vic. He also begins dating Yvette Ming Ching, which causes friction with Cee-Cee.

Vic proves to be a distraction for Freq, borrowing money, getting into trouble with the law, and clashing with teammates (though these events are all recounted in cutscenes and not seen firsthand). Although frustrated by his friend's behaviour, Freq continues to stand up for him, and ignores the team owner's advice that "Vic Gotta Go". This strains his relationship with the team, and when Freq refuses to distance himself from Vic after an incident that alienates a teammate, the owner informs him that he will not be receiving an extension as long as Vic is around. However, he is ultimately able to remain with the team, if he elects to re-sign after his rookie season.

Following a heated confrontation with Vic during a drive, Freq agrees to lend him his car. After the season is over, Freq is celebrating getting a new contract when he receives a call from Officer Vasquez, informing him that Vic has been killed in a car accident, following a high speed chase. Initially refusing to believe what has happened, Freq is distraught by Vic's passing. In the final scenes of "Livin' Da Dream", he and Cee-Cee pay tribute to their childhood friend.

Freq's loss is referenced in passing by the commentators and some pre-game cutscenes in the second year of MyCAREER in NBA 2K16, though there is no continuation of the story beyond that.


  • Regardless of the ethnicity the user selects when creating their MyPLAYER, Cee-Cee, Mr. Pete, and Mrs. Martha do not change appearance, as they use face scans of the actors who voiced them.
  • Although the player's primary nickname will always be Freq/Frequency Vibrations, users can select a secondary nickname and alternate celebration animations in the second year of MyCAREER.
  • Due to his refusal to cut Vic loose, the team owner informs Freq that he will not be re-signed to another contract after his rookie year has finished. However, as a first round Draft selection, Freq would have a two year guaranteed contract with two additional years at the team option (entering restricted free agency thereafter), and thus would not be eligible to negotiate an extension at the end of his first season, nor a free agent unless he is cut.
  • He is mentioned in NBA 2K17 on the cover of Dime Magazine, as well as in on-court chatter by Justice Young.