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Kobe Bryant's Go To Move in NBA Live 08

Go To Moves, introduced in NBA Live 08 and sometimes abbreviated to GTMs, are an extension of Signature Shots that are used for the top 40 noteworthy players in the NBA and are comprised of moves such as Kobe Bryant's fadeaway, Tony Parker's teardrop, Steve Nash's off-balance runner and Dwyane Wade's jump stop. Go To Moves are performed automatically by pressing the shoot button while holding the left stick in the appropriate direction. For example, Steve Nash's runner can be executed simply by driving hard to the basket and holding the shoot button while Gilbert Arenas' jump stop/fadeaway can be performed by holding the left stick back and to the left before pressing shoot. Unlike Freestyle Superstars which has often been criticised as giving both human and CPU players moves that are too powerful, Go To Moves can be used effectively by star players to gain an advantage on the defense but will not result in automatic baskets.

The PC version of NBA Live 08 did not utilise Go To Moves in the same manner however. While a limited amount of players did have Go To Moves, these were triggered automatically when players were in the appropriate area of the court. In addition to signature moves, NBA Live 08 also introduced signature dunks for players such as Amare Stoudemire and Vince Carter as well as signature celebrations for certain players.

NBA Live 09 did not prominently advertise the presence of Go To Moves but does utilise them in the same way as in NBA Live 08. Created players can also be assigned Go To Moves in NBA Live 09. Go To Moves return once again in NBA Live 10.