Hot Spots

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Bruce Bowen's Hot Spots in NBA Live 08

Hot Spots (sometimes also called Hot Zones) are a feature introduced in NBA Live 08 that represent the areas on the floor a player is most effective from at the offensive end. Using real NBA data, players are rated on their shooting ability from different areas on the court, indicated on an overlay that can be displayed during gameplay or Practice Mode which utilises three different colours: red for areas a player is most effective from, yellow for areas a player is reasonably effective from and blue for areas players are less effective from.

While Hot Spots serve as an indication of the best place to shoot from for a particular player, they do not serve as a means of scoring an automatic basket. While players will tend to shoot better from their red zones, the success of a basket will still be determined by factors such as the timing of the release, a player's fatigue and the presence of a defender (or defenders). Players will miss shots from their red zones and will also make shots from their cold areas, though with less frequency than areas on the court they prefer to shoot from.

Hot Spots returned in NBA Live 09 but with an improved transparent overlay which was much more well received. Bringing up the Hot Spots overlay in NBA Live 09 also displays player tendencies.