LeBron: Path to Greatness

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LeBron: Path to Greatness Menu in NBA 2K14 PC

LeBron: Path to Greatness (or simply Path to Greatness) is a game mode appearing in the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 version of NBA 2K14. It is a story/scenario-driven challenge mode, centred around cover player LeBron James.


Unlike modes such as the Jordan Challenge and NBA's Greatest, LeBron: Path to Greatness focuses on the future rather than the past. Contrary to speculation during the development of NBA 2K14, it bears no real similarity to MyCAREER or Creating a Legend, as users are not locked to controlling LeBron James.

Path to Greatness is essentially a series of single game challenges, based on scenarios that speculate on the future of LeBron James' career. There are two available paths: "Continue Heat Dynasty", and "Fantastic Journey". The first path involves LeBron James remaining with the Miami Heat and trying to win multiple championships, while the second path sees him join other teams and lead them to glory before returning to Miami to finish up his career. Both paths begin with games in the 2014 season.

Each challenge presents gamers with a different scenario, with an explanation of the backstory. Challenges must be beaten in order to unlock the next game, and gamers are awarded 1-3 stars based on their performance.

Pre-Order Bonuses[edit]

Gamers who pre-ordered the "King James Pre-Order Pack" were able to unlock additional challenges.


  • LeBron: Path to Greatness does not appear in the PlayStation 4/Xbox One version of NBA 2K14, though LeBron James is still the cover player.
  • Following the 2014 season, LeBron James did in fact return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, a scenario that is presented in Fantastic Journey.
  • WWE 2K14 also featured a speculative mode in which gamers were challenged to break The Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. This subsequently happened in 2014 at Wrestlemania XXX.