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Lockdown Defense (also known as Lockdown D) is an aspect of gameplay introduced in NBA Live 09 as an enhancement to the defensive AI and user's defensive controls. It is similar to On-Ball Scenarios in its approach to better representing player collisions and battles between offensive and defensive players. It allows the defender to effectively play defense without making a block or steal, so long as they anticipate the offensive player's moves and stay between the ballhandler and the basket.


As with On-Ball Scenarios, Lockdown Defense is triggered automatically by moving into the offensive player. When a ballhandler and defender engage in a Lockdown Defense situation, the defender must continue to move with the ballhandler and stay between them and the basket to avoid being beaten. The offensive player meanwhile must try to elude the defender and can make use of different dribbling moves. Both the offensive and defensive player can break out of Lockdown by backing away. This is sometimes necessary as it's possible to gamble and overplay on defense, giving up an open path to the basket, while backing away gives the offensive player more room to work and reset.