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The NBA Live Academy (also referred to simply as the Academy) is an expanded Practice Mode introduced in NBA Live 09. Upon starting NBA Live 09 on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, users find themselves shooting around in the Academy with the team and players of their choosing. The default team and controlled player can be customised in the game's settings according to the individual user's wishes. The NBA Live Academy serves as an arena for users to learn the game's fundamentals and in Dynasty Mode, develop their players through mini-game challenges and scout rookies.

Challenges & Practice[edit]

Academy drills are selectable from the main menu or by walking up to a coach in the Academy's practice gym. The following drills are available:

  • Offensive Rebounding
  • Defensive Rebounding
  • Fast Break Offense
  • Fast Break Defense
  • Pick & Roll Control Offense
  • Pick & Roll Control Defense
  • Low Post Offense
  • Low Post Defense
  • Quickstrike Offense
  • Quickstrike Defense
  • Offensive Lockdown
  • Defensive Lockdown

Users may participate in Challenges which are timed drills in which the object is to reach a certain score within the allotted time limit. Points are awarded for successfully completing certain tasks such as making a shot or defensive stop. There are three levels of each drill available, each with a higher target score. Challenges are used to train and develop players in Dynasty Mode, unlock Xbox Live Achievements and offer a crash course in the game's basics. A free practice mode is also available which allows users to run through all the drills without a time limit.


In addition to the Challenges and free Practice Modes, the Academy also offers the ability to partake in five on five scrimmages, allowing players to get a feel for the game and hone their skills without having to worry about wins and losses. Scrimmages are untimed but enforce the shot clock and all other rules, though shooting fouls result in possession rather than free throws.

Role in Dynasty Mode[edit]

In Dynasty Mode, the NBA Live Academy is the hub for player development, during training camp and training sessions during the season. Users can also take part in scrimmages with your roster during Dynasty Mode. Successful completion of Academy Challenges in Dynasty Mode allows players to improve.


Since its unveiling, the NBA Live Academy has been one of the most anticipated features of NBA Live 09. It has generally been well received by NBA Live players.

Enhanced Practice Mode[edit]

The Playstation 2 does not include the NBA Live Academy but instead features an enhanced Practice Mode. It does not provide all of the drills featured in the NBA Live Academy but includes the option to scrimmage and practice various plays and gameplay scenarios and includes various rule options such as no dunks or three pointers, restricting the means in which players can score and thus forcing them to use certain plays and techniques.