NBA Live 96

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NBA Live 96
NBA Live 96 cover art.
Developer(s) EA Sports
Publisher(s) EA Sports
Series NBA Live
Platform(s) Windows, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Playstation, Gameboy
Release date(s) Windows
January 1st, 1996
System requirements Minimum:
  • Windows 95 or higher or MS DOS 5.0
  • 486/66 DX MHz
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 2x CD-ROM drive
  • 3 MB HD space
  • VESA-compliant PCI-SVGA display

NBA Live 96 (also known as NBA 96 or Live 96 and stylised as NBA LIVE 96) is the second instalment in the NBA Live series, released in North America on January 1st, 2006. Shaquille O'Neal was featured as its cover player. An alternate cover featuring a shot from the 1995 NBA Finals was also used primarily for the console releases. It is the direct sequel to NBA Live 95 and was followed by NBA Live 97.


NBA Live 96 is EA Sports' NBA release for the 1995/1996 NBA season. Further progress was made in NBA Live 96 as Create-a-Player was included for the first time in addition to on-the-fly playcalling, both of which have remained elements of the series and been expanded upon in various releases. In terms of graphics and gameplay however it was not a major upgrade on NBA Live 95, though it did feature some new dunk animations and position domination wasn't quite as prevalent. The NLSC released various tools to modify NBA Live 96, notably the NBA Live 96 Editor for Windows.

Official Features List[edit]

Real NBA Strategy

  • New on-the-fly playcalling.
  • New animated play diagrams.
  • New Coaching Mode.

Real NBA Action

  • 3D rendered courts.
  • Animations - check out the new one-on-one moves.
  • Dunks include tip slams and power dunks.
  • Alley oops, blocked dunks and mid-air passes.


  • Multiple camera angles.
  • Full motion video.
  • High resolution player portraits.
  • Create, Draft, Edit & Trade players.
  • Team, player and user stats are saved all season long.
  • Save and Print stats.
  • '95-'96 schedule. Full season, exhibition or go direct to playoffs anytime.
  • All 29 '95-'96 NBA teams, 2 All-Star and 4 Custom teams.

Noteworthy Facts[edit]

  • NBA Live 96 introduced the Free Agent pool and Create-a-Player to the series.
  • The first NBA Live to utilise Virtual Stadium Technology and multiple camera angles.
  • Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley were not included due to licensing issues. They did however exist as hidden players in the console version of the game. Players could unlock them by entering their surnames (along with the surnames of various legends and rookies from the draft class of 1995) in Create-a-Player.

PC Screenshots[edit]


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