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"And that's the origin of that."

NLSC THRILLHO is the name of the official NLSC squad in NBA 2K17's 2K Pro-Am.


The name is a reference to a classic episode of The Simpsons, specifically Season 7's "Marge Be Not Proud", in which Milhouse van Houten is playing the fictional video game Bonestorm. Milhouse is already very excited about the game despite the fact he's only entered his name as "Thrillhouse". Apparently the name is too long for the game to display it properly on the screen, and instead displays the message "WELCOME THRILLHO".

Several members of the squad are avid Simpsons fans, and being a classic Simpsons video game reference, it seemed like an obvious choice.

Squad Members[edit]

Bold text indicates the members who have played the most games for NLSC THRILLHO.

  • Kenny (PF/C)
  • Andrew (PG)
  • Arcane (SG)
  • Valor (SF/SG)
  • The X (F/C)
  • zzcoolj21 (SF)
  • JaoSming (C)
  • Pdub (PG)


Does the squad make Simpsons references while playing games?[edit]

Of course. Why wouldn't we?

What are the roles/playing styles of the squad members?[edit]

Kenny and Valor are the team's top scorers. Andrew likes to rack up assists. Ben crashes the offensive boards and punishes the rim with spectacular dunks. The X and zzcoolj21 scorch the nets from the perimeter.

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