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The NLSC Wiki is a community based project, intended to create the largest and most comprehensive resource for basketball video games on the Internet. It is hosted by the NLSC and represents the NLSC's second attempt at providing a Wiki, with a more community-friendly approach than the first.

The Wiki is intended to be a fun project for the community so please enjoy it and feel free to contribute, but we are trying to establish the Wiki as an informative resource. To that end, the Wiki is intended to be free of bias and objectionable content. Please note that the administrators of the Wiki reserve the right to remove any articles or edits that are deemed objectionable or otherwise do not meet the standards we wish to uphold; please see our Guidelines page for an overview of our contributor guidelines and code of conduct. Please also note that IPs are logged and troublemakers will be blocked from making changes. You've been warned.

We do not require users to sign up before they can edit any articles, however to promote a community atmosphere we certainly encourage you to register a free account. Please once again note that if you make an anonymous edit your IP will be logged and displayed in the edit history, so if you're concerned about your security and privacy please register a screen name to make your contributions. It's also a friendlier place when we don't have to refer to each other by a bunch of numbers.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by the NLSC Wiki! We hope you'll find it informative and see fit to constructively contribute to it as time goes on.