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This is the To Do List for the NLSC Wiki. Here are the things that need to be added, edited, or otherwise improved. If you're looking to help out around the Wiki, this list is a good place to start!

The List

Things that need to be done around the Wiki, and some good places to start.

  • Expand on articles currently listed as stubs. Once they're lengthier, make sure to take them out of that category!
  • Help out with articles that are under construction.
  • Make articles such as Create-a-Player more general, create game-specific ones for NBA Live and NBA 2K.
  • Expand articles on NBA 2K modes, as well as the main game articles.
  • Make sure main NBA Live and NBA 2K pages are kept up to date.
  • Add listings for PlayStation trophies for both NBA Live and NBA 2K (use Achievements pages as templates).
  • Add screenshots to articles; update existing screenshots as necessary.
  • A random browse through the Wiki to find articles that could stand to be updated and expanded upon.
  • Updated FAQs, guides, and tutorials (as well as new ones as appropriate).
  • Redirects for common terms that might not currently find the appropriate articles.
  • Updated articles on modding (terminology, etc).
  • Some articles about significant mods would probably be nice to have, too.
  • Fill in missing information in DBF Guides.
  • More articles on gameplay elements (controls, attributes, etc) for both NBA Live and NBA 2K.
  • More articles on other games, particularly NBA Jam and NBA Street (and expand the current ones).
  • Mod compatibility lists/charts for NBA Live and NBA 2K.
  • Split articles such as ratings and sliders into separate articles for different games.

What We Don't Need

There are a couple of things to keep out of the NLSC Wiki, including....

  • Articles on people in the community. We've got some community-based content, but aside from that, it should be about the games.
  • Reviews and editorials (at least until such time as special sections are created), as well as opinions in the articles. That's what the NLSC Forum and The Soapbox are for.

Anything else?

Post suggestions on the Discussion page!