One-on-One Mode

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One-on-One Play

One-on-One Mode (at times branded Michael Jordan in One-on-One) was introduced in NBA Live 2000, offering the users a chance to play a one-on-one game between any two players in the roster, including Legends. In the console versions of NBA Live 2000, Michael Jordan could be unlocked by defeating the former Bulls superstar in One-on-One Mode. Users can set a few basic options for one-on-one matchups such as the target score (eg first to 11, 15 or 21, must win by two or more) and whether or not rules will be enforced.

The game begins with the player designated as the "home" player shooting for possession. If he makes the basket, he retains possession. If he misses the shot, the opponent will gain the first possession of the game. Upon scoring a basket or committing a foul, the ball must be "checked" to the opponent. Additionally, if the ball is stolen, rebounded or retrieved after a blocked shot, the player gaining possession must check the ball by taking it past the three point line before he can take a shot, else the basket will not count.