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Sliders are gameplay settings in the NBA Live/NBA Elite and NBA 2K series of basketball video games. They allow the user to modify aspects of gameplay to adjust the level of realism and/or the level of difficulty above and beyond the available difficulty settings.


Sliders have two primary uses: adjusting realism and making the game easier or harder.


The primary use of sliders is to customise the gameplay so that it is as realistic as possible. This is generally achieved by slowing down the game speed and adjusting the frequency of elements such as blocks, steals, interceptions and field goal percentage. Although changing sliders cannot counteract any flaws in the AI and there has been some criticism that the sliders are not effective enough, most users seem to achieve satisfactory results with slider tweaks.

Alternatively, the sliders can be modified to increase gamespeed, shooting abilities and dunking frequency for more up-tempo, arcade-style gameplay.


Sliders can also be used to make the game more challenging. Veteran users who find the game is not challenging enough even on Superstar difficulty can make adjustments to the sliders so that the CPU has an unfair advantage. Such changes usually involve increasing the CPU's field goal percentage, steal, block and interception sliders forcing the user to take more care and play harder at both ends of the court.

Alternatively, sliders can be adjusted to make certain aspects of the game easier if changing the difficulty level doesn't suffice. In the same vein, they can also be used to make a lower difficulty setting more challenging, if higher difficulty settings produce undesirable, unrealistic or unfair results.

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