Vic Van Lier

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Vic Van Lier
Vic in high school.
Full Name Victor Van Lier
Role Friend of Freq
Age 19
Family/Friends Freq
Mrs. Martha
Mr. Pete
Yvette Ming Ching
Actor Wade F. Wilson
Games NBA 2K16

Victor Van Lier (usually referred to simply as Vic) is a character in NBA 2K16's MyCAREER mode. A childhood friend of Freq, he ends up being the main source of drama in "Livin' Da Dream".

Background & Biography[edit]

Born in Harlem, Vic Van Lier is a childhood friend of Frequency Vibrations and Cee-Cee. He shares a close bond with Freq, though his relationship with Cee-Cee is more antagonistic. He had a strained relationship with his father, who is heavily implied to have been a substance abuser. He had a better relationship with his mother, who passed away at some point before the story begins. Freq's family took Vic in, and he came to regard Mr. Pete and Mrs. Martha as his family and parental figures.

At some point in their past, Freq and Vic were involved in an altercation that resulted in the death (or serious injury) of another young man. Vic helped cover up the incident to save Freq's reputation and future, which later becomes a point of contention between the two. Throughout the story, he is characterised as loyal, but also jealous, troubled, and reckless, sometimes taking advantage of his friendship with Freq.

Livin' Da Dream[edit]

Vic remains a part of Freq's inner circle throughout high school and college, and through the first year of his NBA career. He proves to be an unwelcome distraction however, causing rifts with teammates, getting into trouble with the law, and borrowing money. He often refers to himself as a "Friend of Freq" or "FOF" and is supportive of Freq's success, but also jealous.

Throughout the season, Freq is encouraged by the team owner to cut Vic loose, including a scene in which he spells it out: "V-G-G. Vic Gotta Go!". Although Freq's friendship with Vic is strained by the latter's behaviour, he ultimately stands by him, even after promising to keep his distance. This almost costs Freq his NBA dream, though he manages to remain in the league beyond his rookie campaign.

During a drive through their old neighbourhood, Vic and Freq reminisce, which turns into an argument. Vic accuses Freq of not appreciating him, and brings up an old incident where he helped save Freq's reputation after an altercation turned ugly. Freq confronts Vic about making a pass at his girlfriend, Yvette. Following their argument, Freq reluctantly agrees to lend Vic one of his cars.

After the season is over, Vic is involved in a high speed police chase, which results in a fatal car accident. Freq learns of Vic's passing from Officer Vasquez after signing a new contract, and is distraught. In the final scene of "Livin' Da Dream", Vic's ghost/memory reads a letter he wrote to Freq, while sitting on a bench at the court where they both played growing up. It is heavily implied that he was suicidal and intended to cause his fatal car accident, as he laments the mistakes he made and apologies for causing Freq trouble.