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The Wishlist (or Wish List) is an annual compilation of suggestions from the members of the NLSC Team and fans from the online NBA Live Community that is submitted to the NBA Live production team in an effort to provide feedback on the latest game in the series and outline features and fixes considered to be of upmost importance by a majority of NBA Live players. The first Wishlist was submitted during the production of NBA Live 98.


The Wishlist has taken on several different formats over the years.

Original Format[edit]

Originally, the Wishlist featured a Top Wishes section that emphasised the most important wishes based on fan feedback. In some years, the Top Wishes section consisted of the top 10-15 items copied from the various sections of the Wishlist while other years have featured a list of ten items that have summarised the greatest areas of concern and most desired additions.

The Wishlist used to be divided into separate categories such as Gameplay, Dynasty Mode, Graphics & Presentation, Sound Effects, Roster Management and Bugs. Although an effort was made to list the most important items at the top of each category, the items generally did not appear in order of importance from top to bottom. There were often over 200 items included in each Wishlist.

Changes in the NBA Live 09 Wishlist[edit]

The NBA Live 09 Wishlist utilised a slightly different format, organising wishes into three seperate categories: "Essentials", which was comprised of the wishes and issues that NBA Live fans felt were the most important, "Things we'd also like to see" which was made up of items that were considered less urgent but still popular wishes and "Things to Fix & Avoid" which was a short list of prominent and/or recurring bugs or issues that were of concern to NBA Live players. The change was made to better organise the Wishlist and stress certain issues as being more important, to provide more detailed feedback to the NBA Live Development Team. The Wishlists for NBA Live 10, NBA Live 11 and NBA Live 13 continued to use this format.

Changes in the NBA Live 15 Wishlist[edit]

After consulting members of the NBA Live development team, the format of the Wishlist was changed again for NBA Live 15, in an effort to provide more useful and concise feedback. Members of the community are now invited to post their top 10-15 wishes for the upcoming game, to highlight the most important features they want to see added, improvements they feel need to be made to existing features, and issues they want to see addressed.



1 As NBA Live 13 was cancelled, the NBA Live 13 Wishlist was rolled over for NBA Live 14.

2 Due to the rise in popularity of the NLSC Forum, feedback was submitted to the production team via the Wishlist section of the Forum rather than in an organised Wishlist. Due to popular demand, as well as the reaction to NBA Live 2003, the Wishlist once again became an annual NLSC tradition after a two year hiatus.

Wishlist Supplements[edit]

Beginning with the lead up to NBA Live 06, a second supplementary article was submitted as a follow up to the annual Wishlist that further outlined the most pressing issues with the game, focusing on the most crucial complaints in greater detail. For NBA Live 13, a collection of supplementary documents were submitted.